Tours of Panoramic Photos

There are ten tours including most of the seen objects found in the 3000 plus images.
Click on the greyed out tabs above or the names below to start one of the tours.
Each tour will automatically advance at a 10 second pace, and the Clock tab will spin indicating that the sequencer is running.
A track of dots below the tabs shows the number of slides in the tour , the green pin indicates the current slide.
Clicking on the Step Back or Step Forward tab will stop the sequencer and advance to the previous or next slide.
To restart the sequencer click on the Clock tab, which has changed to the Play tab , second from the right.
Buildings Other than lookouts, garages or outhouses
Construction Mostly L-4 lookout kits and piles of lumber
Garages Where the cars were parked
Lookouts Cupola's, L-4's, crow's-nests, towers
Miscellaneous Weather stations, firefinders, camera gear, ...
Outhouses A.k.a. privy, latrine, can, kybo, ...
People Mostly the photographers and an occasional construction worker
Scenic So many to choose from!
Towns Townscapes
Vehicles Cars, vans and trucks [from the 30's]
We did not catalog (present) the numerous photos of horses or U.S. Flags. There are no pictures with large wildlife we could see.

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